7 Best Fila® slip-resistant(non-slip) Shoes 2022

Protective footwear can help maintain balance on a slippery floor at work. According to the CDC, falls, trips and slips are the second most common type of injury.

fila non-slip work shoes

If you operate in a world of coffee spills, sprays from machinery, and slick floors, non-slip shoes are essential. As a worker, the pains, stress, and danger you cause your feet while working with the wrong pair of shoes should not be undermined. A quality slip-resistant shoe is not only known in the design but what it has to offer in terms of proper care for your feet — support, cushioning, and comfort.

Fila offers a variety of non-slip-resistant shoes to keep you comfy for long hours on your feet while minimizing slips and feet. The best Fila slip-resistant shoes are those that protect you from foot and ankle-related problems and injuries like bunions, corns, hammertoes, and plantar fasciitis.

Who Needs Slip-Resistant Shoes?

These slip-resistant types of shoes are beneficial for those whose jobs are demanding, such as in the catering, manufacturing, and healthcare industry.

Here’s why you should minimize your risk of injuries if you work in thy following professions:

  • Nurses and Medical Professionals

Research has found that specialist footwear could go a long way in reducing the risk of injury in healthcare settings. In a 14-week trial by the NHS, participants wearing this type of footwear had 37% fewer slips than those wearing their usual shoes. The results suggest that healthcare workers should consider ultra-grip footwear.

  • Chefs and Servers

Just like you are aware it’s not safe to drive without a seatbelt, there are risks involved in not wearing non-slip restaurant shoes as a restaurant worker.

A lot can lead to slips in a restaurant from liquid spillages, food debris, and general rubbish. In addition, general cleaning products used to keep the floor pristine can increase the chances of slips.

To meet customers’ demands, workers in the food services industry are usually under pressure. When you’re rushing around, the proper shoes will help reduce the risk of injuries.

  • Industrial and Machinery Workers

The demanding environment of construction and industrial sites requires that shoes have traction and the correct tread.

Workplace safety requirements by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) mandate workers to wear slip-resistant shoes in environments where grease, oil, water, or other liquids may be on the floor. It would help if you had traction to protect against falls and slips.

Depending on the environment, Fila non-slip shoes with cleats or a shoe with a grooved, spiked, abrasive, or studded sole. In addition, rubber or latex footwear resists chemicals, providing extra traction on slippery surfaces.

Shoes with the proper traction can also help prevent falls from ladders, which is common with shoes without adequate tread.

  • Indoor Sports

When it comes to indoor competition, the grip on your shoes is essential. Whether it’s for volleyball or basketball, as long you need to perform quick changes in direction, you need a top-notch grip.

You can’t deliver your best if you’re constantly slipping about as if on an ice rink. Non-Slip shoes will help you get more traction on the court.

  • Teacher and Students

Fast-paced sports and high-impact activities are part of a student’s daily life. As a result, learners must be up for the task! Otherwise, they risk getting injured, and the last thing you want. With non-slip shoes, students feel ready and confident for the day’s learning.

And for teachers, are constantly working on their feet the whole day. Whether designing a standout bulletin board, walking an injured student to sickbay, or on recess duty, an educator takes whatever is thrown at them.

Features of Fila Non-Slip Shoes

These shoes are treaded to minimize your risk of falling, slipping, or tripping. Thanks to the deeper tread grooves on the soles, they have more than enough grip on the ground.

  • Breathability

Walking in a shoe with perforations and mesh linings would make a difference in your day-to-day comfort. Besides protecting you from health issues, such as athlete’s foot, blisters, and toenail fungus, a breathable shoe also guarantees your comfort.

If you spend a lot of time in damp areas or a place with high humidity, breathability is essential.

  • Tread and Outsole Pattern

The higher the number of grooves on your shoe, the more slip-resistant or non-slip it is. You should also note that the shape of the shoe’s outsole pattern plays a significant role in how much grip your shoe delivers. For instance, shoes with circular patterns have a higher grip on wet or oily floors. However, shoes with a flat design prevent liquid from getting away from the shoe’s base, thereby increasing the likelihood of slipping.

So if you’re investing in Fila shoes that resist slips, check the outsole and tread patterns to ensure good traction.

  • Material

As pointed out earlier, it is essential to check the shoe’s material thoroughly. The tread material and outsole especially are not to be overlooked. Check if the Fila shoes feature a soft rubber outsole. Such soles are more resistant to slips when you’re exposed to oil and water.

A soft rubber outsole guarantees reliable grip when dealing with a slick floor. You can expect your slip-resistant shoes to grab hold of the surface even when you’re exposed to hardwood, linoleum, or quarry tile flooring.

  • Design

The overall design of the footwear also plays a massive role in how effective its slip resistance is. For instance, shoes with an enclosed tread pattern can trap liquid. In this case, the water forms a barrier between your footwear and thy floor, resulting in reduced grip. For instance, shoes with an enclosed tread design or pattern can cause any liquid that penetrates them to have no place to go out.

It’s best to get a shoe with interlocked tread pattern. Such a design does not trap the liquid. The sole comes in contact with the floor, delivering a better grip.

7 Best Fila Non-slip Work Shoes Review

1. Fila Memory Workshift Slip Resistant Work Shoe

Fila Memory Workshift Slip Resistant Work Shoe

If you’re looking for sneaker-style slip-resistant work shoes, the Fila slip-resistant Memory Workshift can be your perfect choice. These shoes are made for workers to give a secure and non-slip working experience. These shoes are designed and tested with industry-standard to be the perfect workplace shoe whether it is in healthcare to restaurants or even industrial. The solid rubber outsole with tread gives great traction on any kind of surface. The Workshift is available in men’s and women’s designs, combining breathability, a classic look, and a top-notch outsole.

For me, the styling is just as good as you would expect for a top-notch shoe. With the presence of perforations, this shoe can give your feet excellent breathability. The lace-up front closure also offers a relaxed fit. It is also durable.

In terms of the grip it offers, it would not be an overstatement to think of this shoe as spiderman’s claws. This rubber sole provides excellent grip, which sets the shoe apart. The anti-slip technology employed in making this shoe is perfect for all job conditions–even if you work in an oily or greasy place. It is great on wet or slippery floors. It was a great relief to find my feet dry even after my shoes got doused with water.

Below is a review from a customer:

Excellent work shoes for any work environment, from hospitality and construction. They were durable and lasted an entire year with heavy use. Arch support is great because I have high arches. Composite toes perfect. All-around support of my feet is awesome.

The midsole and Sockliner are made from memory foam to provide your feet with additional comfort throughout the day. It also has excellent arch support as well as great traction.

The downside of this shoe is that the sole isn’t adequately glued. Nonetheless, I would give this shoe a 09/10 for all its attributes (only be careful not to get a fake when ordering a pair).

Another deal-breaker might be that the memory foam is stiff, and these sneakers lack arch support. However, the comfort and support improved once I inserted the right insoles. I also don’t fancy that any little thing gets stuck in the soles. And it’s a hassle to get all the dirt out. So, though the Workshift is anti-slip, it’s not easy to clean.

The Fila Memory Workshift shoes are perfect for both male and female workers. Based on my hands-on experience with this shoe, the Fila Workshift performs excellently well as a non-slip shoe. You can wear it to work daily without hampering the comfort that is meant for your feet-after all, and your feet need to be as happy as you. This shoe is durable and super lightweight, making it a top-of-line work shoe.

2. Fila Transition Athletic Shoes

Fila Transition Athletic non-slip Shoes

The Fila Transition Athletic Sandal happened to catch my attention because of its attractive, stylish design that could go well with any fashion and its lightweight design. Along with that, it gives perfect traction on any slippery surface. It has a slip-resistant rubber sole for the perfect grip. So you can choose it as a non-slip working shoe without a doubt. The Fila Transition is for those who prefer open shoes and need lower arch support. However, I’m most impressed adjustment feature that lets you find the perfect fit.

For one, they are not just made for a singular purpose. These shoes can transition from the gym to the office and are versatile for different dress-ups. Also, they look cool and pleasing to the eyes. This is definitely for you if you’re looking for lightweight non-slip footwear with a snug fit.

These Fila sandals deliver solid arch support while employing a rubber-coated foam outsole for additional comfort. It is durable and extremely lightweight. As such, it could make you feel at ease while you exercise or jog in it. It can even be used at the beach or simply for your daily summer drivers.

The sandal’s upper features leather for top-notch stability and reliable lateral support. The midsole is well-cushioned and comfy. Its grip is impressive, as the outsole is made of rubber focused on maximum traction and durability.

As good as this sandal may seem, it has a few drawbacks, one of which is the sole’s durability. Folks have noted that it pulls off after a while.

However, these sneakers are easy to maintain: you can hose off these Fila Men’s Transition Sandal or wear them into the pool or the rain without having to fear damage. It stands out as a sure bet where other leather sandals do not react well with water contact.

The Fila Transition Athletic Sandal perfectly caters to the needs of some sandal wearers seeking mainly comfort for walking with the padded leather insoles. This would give support and comfort to your feet even when you stand for an extended period or simply stroll around town.

3. Fila F-13 Weather

Fila F-13 Weather non-slip shoes

The Fila F-13 Weather is very versatile and can be used for different purposes. . It combines a casual look with a mid-cut silhouette and fun colorways for a casual, relaxed look whether you’re taking a stroll or at work. This shoe is good for both outdoor hiking and indoor needs. You can use it both as a work shoe as well as just for a casual outfit. The outsole of these non-slip shoes is designed with high-quality rubber to give maximum traction for your workplace and outdoor adventure.

Like the Reeboks that I was using, some shoes are suitable for working but lack support when you need to be on your feet for long hours. My rebooks were great and did well for working but weren’t a good fit for standing, especially if you happen to be flat-footed. But the Fila F-13 Weather Tech does excellent in the working environment and for extended periods on your feet. It is also a good fit for a flat-footed fellow.

It is made of synthetic leather from the top with the name “Weather Tech” boldly written in gold on the side. The Fila F-13 Weather Tech midsole is rubber, making it a perfect fit for standing over a long period. The Fila F-13 Weather Tech is exceptionally lightweight. I find the lace-up closure with a hook and loop strap incredibly supportive. For improved comfort, the Weather Tech has a padded collar and tongue, well-cushioned footbed, and textile lining for step-in comfort.

Here’s what a buyer has to say:

I’m a mover and need sturdy, comfy footwear, and these fit the bill. I have done moves in every condition possible, and the shoe rock! The old-school velcro strap enhances great ankle support. They handle any terrain, including a slippery running board on rainy days.”

One of the issues wearers have with this shoe is the boot’s sole coming unglued after some time and falling apart. It could be very dissatisfying actually.

Nevertheless, this shoe looks suitable for casual wear because of its stylish design. It is 100% leather, and it provides lateral support. It also features a heel counter to provide you with stability and a mid-cut height perfect for uneven terrain.

You can confidently trudge through any foul weather conditions in these heavy-duty shoes.

In my opinion, apart from working, the Fila F-13 Weather Tech could also be excellent for basketball and winter months because it has a lot of ankle support.

4. Fila Strada Disruptor

Fila Strada Disruptor slip-resistant

The Fila Disruptor is one of Fila’s popular chunky sneakers with a thick sole about two inches high. These retro stylish sneakers can be used for both day-to-day daily use and in workplaces. The thick rubber sole provides great traction to prevent any chance of slipping. So these sneakers are absolutely perfect for slippery floors. The chick edges, courtesy of the stocky build and elevated sole, is for those who want to make a loud fashion statement. You probably must have seen many people rocking these shoes on different social media platforms. This shoe is kind of social, like an undercover star.

The shoes’ got this pretty short toe box that leads directly into the sneakers’ tongue, and at the base of the tongue, there is this little tag with the FILA logo embroidered on it. The shoe’s laces are those unobtrusive thin white rope laces that are perfect. More interestingly, the laces weave through the individual leather eyelets, which are rarely seen in other sneakers, and I think that touch is impressive.

The Strada is quite an affordable and durable sneaker. It also fits nicely into the current fashion trend of bulky dad shoes. Frankly speaking, it looks like an expensive designer shoe (like Balenciaga).

As for fit, the shoe fits pretty much true to size. It has a pull tab at the shoe’s heel and an extra leather panel with the FILA logo embroidered. The pretty thick white foam midsole provides comfort, and it can add a couple of inches to your height. There is this plush white sock-liner which also ensures comfort.

For grip, you’ve got this very thick and aggressive outsole. The traction pattern of this sneaker looks like it’s something meant to be used on extreme hikes, which, honestly, I’ve not seen before on a lifestyle sneaker. You can even notice a serrated edge in the slide of the shoes.

A significant drawback of the Strada is the lack of arch support. Besides, these sneakers have very little room in the toe box. If you’re wide-footed, your feet may feel cramped.

5. Fila Memory Runtronic Slip Resistant Work Shoe

Fila Memory Runtronic Slip Resistant Work Shoe

The Fila Runtronic offers maximum comfort and protection for working environments. Whether you’re a restaurant manager, a nurse, or an industrial worker, Runtronic may be your best option for occupational purposes. The rubber slip-resistant outsole provides top-notch traction, even on slick surfaces. On top of this, the COOLMAX fibers absorb the dampness inside your shoes to keep your feet dry. It prevents you from contracting an athlete’s foot, toenail fungus, and other foot-related problems.

But then, notable for comfort and support, the Fila Memory Runtronic features Memory Foam, which brings tremendous pressure and pressure relief.

This, combined with EVA midsole and COOLMAX sockliner, undoubtedly provides your feet with maximum comfort and support. The shoe is also made of breathable synthetic uppers to keep your feet refreshed all day.

Unlike other work shoes, the Fila Women’s Memory Runtronic work shoes feature a V Notch Achilles heel wrap for an extra layer of support. This shoe possesses a rubber slip-resistant outsole for that perfect grip and traction.

You might be wondering about the level of safety this shoe brings you in a hazardous working environment; the rubber slip-resistant gives you an extra layer of security, as well as the steel toe styles focused on providing top-notch toe protection. Taking the consumer trust further, Fila has ensured these safety shoes have passed necessary safety tests.

Designed with specialized COOLMAX fiber to accelerate drying and absorb moisture, the interior fabric keeps your feet sweat-free. The midsole and memory foam sock liner work together with the inserted cushioned heel to deliver additional comfort in every step.

Here is another feedback on the shoe:

“My work in a school kitchen required slip-resistant shoes. So I started a hunt for a pocket-friendly pair. I love these! They’re comfortable and super cute.”

Despite the memory foam and sockliner, wearers complain about the arch support after some months of use. Another issue users have with these sneakers is that it feels tight and very hot/warm with socks on and should therefore be specified as winter shoe.

Overall, Fila Runtronic offers superior comfort, excellent traction, and great breathability. However, the cushions and arch support need improvement.

6. Fila Memory Flux Slip Resistant Work Shoe

Fila Memory Flux Slip Resistant Work Shoe

This is yet another great shoe focused on ensuring that the feminine gender gets maximum satisfaction in terms of shoes. For traction, this Memory Flux offers superior oil and slip-resistance with its solid rubber non-slip outsole that has been tested according to the applicable industry standards. I have talked with some of the real users and they are very happy with the performance of these shoes in their workplaces. These shoes have a strong grip and traction with the maximum support tread. So these shoes do a perfect job in workplaces as slip-resistant shoes.

Among the many thoughts that might pop up in your mind when you want to buy a good shoe are comfortability, durability, cushioning, grip, and what have you. I am pleased to tell you that all these features are well available in the Fila Memory Flux shoes.

Let’s start with durability. This shoe is made from long-lasting leather with synthetic overlays, perfect for a solid performance according to your job needs.

However, some users doubt the shoes’ durability over a long time as they claim that the shoe rips more easily when you are a lot on your feet.

The comfortability of the shoe is top-notch. You’d feel great wearing the shoe all day as it provides maximum comfort for your feet. This shoe’s memory foam sock liner and EVA midsole provide additional comfort.

In addition, you don’t get to experience any form of itching or aching on your feet. It keeps your feet relaxed all day long. The Fila Memory Flux comes with stylish perforations for excellent foot breathability. Additionally, it has the front closure which is laced up to give easy and hassle-free fitting.

Although the shoe is designed and tested to prevent slips, one should always be careful on slick surfaces. Some wearers have noted that it’s not grippy.

Here’s a testimony from another user:

These are the most comfortable shoes. My feet always hurt due to my diabetes. These shoes are the best thing. I can walk well in them all day, and they give me lots of support.”

However, the Memory Flux shoe runs small in size. It would be best if you ordered a size bigger. In addition, some females have complained that the design doesn’t look feminine.

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7. Fila Grant Hill 2 Patchwork

Fila Grant Hill 2 Patchwork

There’s no need to bore you with Grant Hill’s history. However, you should know that the Grant hill 2 happened to be his second signature sneaker with Fila.

Unlike the Fila Grant Hill, 1 with a suede material in the upper, Grant Hill 2 is made of white decent patent leather and a nice little tumble on its toe cap.

Grant Hill 2 has garnered praise from athletes regarding its excellent on-court performance and the highly impressive gold 2A cushioning. It has great traction and grip for any surface. Also, the tread is designed in a way to give maximum prevention for slippery surfaces.

In addition, besides offering excellent traction, support, and lockdown, these sneakers are sure to turn heads on the street.

This shoe is perfect for cushioning, traction and grip. The midsole of this shoe is a super-thick Eva to give some extra cushioning. It rebounds with some exceptional shock absorption as you run around in this shoe with a durable and grippy rubber outsole.

Additionally, this non-slip footwear also features a rubber outsole that has enough traction that perfect for indoor courts. Little wonder it remains the choice of some basketball players. This shoe matches well with a tracksuit.

Like all other non-slip shoes on this list, the Fila Grant Hill 2 Patchwork has a couple of drawbacks. The traction is not as grippy compared to the traditional herringbone. In addition, some wearers have commented that it runs small.


  • Are Fila shoes water-resistant?

Fila produce various non-slip shoes for work and sports. Examples are Fila Memory Workshift, Vulc 13, Memory Layers Evo, Weathertech Lt, and more. These shoes feature a solid rubber non-slip outsole.

  • How comfortable are Fila disruptors?

The Fila Disruptor is incredibly comfy, thanks to the molded footbed and extra padding. They’re suitable for any sports activity. Many wearers compare the feel of these sneakers to walking on the clouds.

  • Are non-slip and slip-resistant the same?

Are both terms the same? The answer is no. Both non-slip and slip-resistant shoes actually have similar functions — to help reduce the risk of slipping accidentally. In most instances, slip-resistant shoes come with a slip-resistant grip on the shoe’s tread. As such, both phrases are used interchangeably.

  • How long does Fila for Fila take to ship?

Fila offers both standard and expedited shipping. Standard shipping arrives at your destination within seven days. For expedited shipping at $16, you’ll get the package in 2-3 business days from the date you receive tracking.

  • Do the Fila disruptors run small?

According to buyer reviews, Fila shoes runs typically small. However, it may appear true to size for some and too small or large for others. It’s best to have your accurate foot measurements first.

  • Is Fila good quality?

Fila is known for quality and comfortable footwear. The brand offers casual, semi-casual, and sports shoes. Fila shoes come in an affordable price range and are durability. They are excellent for running or walking and look great.


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