7 Best Pink Basketball Shoes In 2022

best pink basketball shoes

Getting appropriate and comfortable shoes for basketball practices is sometimes a concern for basketball players or enthusiasts. Not to talk of getting a pair of pink basketball shoes to make a statement or to grace basketball events. The pink color basketball shoes, usually the favorite for girls and women alike, is now an option considered by men too. With this in mind, we bring you the Best pink basketball shoes.

 Apart from these reviewed shoes being color pink or a mixture of pink and some other colors, they are of good traction, have enough padded cushioning, are spacious, and are comfortable while wearing them. They also provide enough flexibility, stability, and lateral support to their users’ feet.

In this review, we discussed the Peakall Pink High top Shoes, Adidas Mid-Top Pink Kid Unisex Basketball Shoes, and the Adidas Men Basketball Shoes, among others.

Thus, whether you need a basketball shoe for kids, unisex, and men, or you want high-top, mid-top, and low-top basketballing shoes, check out this review we got you covered.

Best Pink Basketball Shoes Review

1. Peak All Pink High Top Men’s Breathable Workout Basketball Shoes

all pink high top mens basketball shoes

Product Specification:

  • Size Range: 7.5 – 12
  • Design: Breathable, Lightweight, Lace-up, Cushioned
  • Sole: Synthetic Upgraded Non-slip Wear Resistant Rubber Sole
  • Upper Shoe Region: High-Quality Fabrics Weaving of Textile + Leather

Are you in a dilemma of getting durable, stylish, affordable, and breathable pink shoes for your outdoor basketball practices or events? Then this is a worthy pick. Though, Peak products are not as popular as some other brands’ products, like Nike and Adidas products. However, its features bring it on par.

One of the fascinating things about this pink shoe is the high-quality fabric material and leather integration with an upgraded sole using a hot-melt process. Hence, producing a seamless finish and a comfortable wrapping around the foot with high support and stability while reducing foot discomfort or injury even under intense exercise.

The upgraded anti-slip rubber sole also enhances better adaptation to movement on plastics or cemented areas with little or no wearing-off. Further, an inserted stabilization module helps basketball enthusiasts prevent toe injury, and reduce pain while supporting the lateral movement.


  • Spacious to wiggle the toes
  • It has a comfortable arch
  • It has a stable lateral support
  • It is affordable compared to some popular brands


  • The insole is lightly cushioned

2. Adidas Mid-Top Pink Kid Unisex Basketball Shoes

adidas pink unisex child basketball shoes

Product Specification:

  • Size Range: 1-13.5(For little kids), 3.5-7.5(Big Kids)
  • Design: Breathable, Lightweight, Lace-up, Cushioned, Unisex
  • Sole: Rubber Sole
  • Upper Shoe Region: Seamless Fabrics Weaving of Textile + Leather

Do you know a fanciful, glowing, and smart spiderman themed pink basketball shoe gives your kids more confidence among their peers on the basketball court, an extra flavor to their talents? Apart from this shoe having a black logo and a mixture of black and pink rubber soles, all other parts of the shoe are colored pink. Also, the shoe has decent traction, good ankle support, and stability and is fabricated with durable and breathable materials joined to the rubber soles.

It also had a comfortable cushioning, thus, making the shoes more comfortable and further reducing straining of the leg region. Though costly, it is a good buy for your kids. When buying this, it is vital to up the size a bit, say by half.


  • It’s very comfortable
  • Breathable and stylish
  • The design is kid-friendly


  • It’s a bit heavy
  • It’s a bit tight per size

3. Li-ning Cushioned Men Basketball Shoes

Li-ning pink mens basketball shoes

Product Specification:

  • Size Range: 7 – 13
  • Design: Breathable, Lightweight, Two Straps, Cushioned, Anti-Collision Toe
  • Sole: Non-slip Rubber Sole + EVA
  • Upper Shoe Region: Textile + Synthetic Leather

Apart from having decent and solid traction, this shoe is low to the ground, has good cushioning, and is suitable particularly for outdoor basketball games and events. Thanks to the many quality components integrated to make it comfortable while jumping and safe from strain for a fantastic basketballing experience.

These components range from breathable textile and leather material used in fabricating the upper part of the shoe. Also, the firm sole is resistant to wear and skid due to the high resistant rubber material used. The midsole also is an EVA material, plus a rubber sole, and the shoe is lightweight. For the color, the shoe has a mixture of three colors, white color predominantly at the front, red color mid-way back, and a sky-blue rubber sole. Such a glowing shoe to behold.

On the other hand, it is vital to increase the size by one for comfortability, if you have thick or wide legs.


  • It has a good arch support
  • This shoe has space and maximum comfort
  • It’s a lightweight shoe
  • Very durable even with frequent movement


  • Some parts of the shoe body start peeling after extended use

4. Adidas Men Pro Basketball Shoes

adidas men pink basketball shoes

Product Specification:

  • Size Range: 12.5 – 20
  • Design: Breathable, Lightweight, Lace-up, Cushioned
  • Sole: Rubber Sole
  • Upper Shoe Region: High-Quality Textile + Leather

Another high-top Adidas basketball shoe in our review are this Adidas Men Pro Basketball shoes. The shoe feels a little bit big. It’s very comfortable, soft, and flexible for movement in any direction with great lateral support and stability, even for basketball players with large feet. Though, the sides of the shoe are a bit stiff for wide-foot users.

The material used for the ankle region is also comfortable. The traction is also decent, though not as the Li-Ning Cushioned Men Basketball Shoes. This rubber outsole is of a zonal herringbone pattern coupled with flex grooves and the remaining body of the shoe is colored pink with three white stripes and locked with white lace.


  • More spring in the sole
  • Very comfortable
  • It has a decent shock absorption
  • Provides stability and support


  • Not a perfect pick for users who love enough spring in the shoe sole.

5. Adidas Dame 7 Men Basketball Shoes

pink adidas basketball shoes

Product Specification:

  • Size: 9
  • Design: Breathable, Lightweight, Lace-up, Cushioned
  • Sole: Rubber Sole
  • Upper Shoe Region: Textile + Mesh

Just like the Adidas Dame 6 shoe, the Adidas Dame 7 version is a big, flexible, ultra-comfortable, stylish, and LightStrike cushioned pink shoe for both indoor and outdoor basketball practices. Though the whole body of the shoe is pink, the shoe sole is a mixture of white and pink. The synthetic materials used are a bit above average, but a perfect mesh and blend of textile colors.

Unlike some other shoes discussed in this review, you might not need to size up by a half or one. The internal heel counter, textile, and mesh make the shoe fit snugly, comfortably, and breathable. Better than the Adidas Dame 6, this shoe provides more support and stability for multi-directional movement.

The cushioning is responsive but not great when compared to Adidas Men Pro Basketball Shoes. The traction is decent and also has a firm grip. It’s suitable for jumps, swift breaks, and excellent lateral protection. 


  • It’s of a lightweight
  • Fascinating design with multi-layers
  • Provides strong balance and responsiveness
  • Great support and stability for heels and ankles


  • Not suitable if you need more cushioning
  • Relatively big for narrow-feet users

6. Nike Mid-Top Unisex Kids Sneakers

nike unisex child pink basketball shoes

Product Specification:

  • Size: 3.5 – 7 (For big kids)
  • Design: Breathable, Lightweight, Lace-up, Cushioned
  • Sole: Rubber Sole
  • Upper Shoe Region: Textile + Leather

Unarguably, Nike products are among the most popular and outstanding products outside there, and this stylish black and pink mixture unisex shoe is not an exception.  Apart from wearing this to the basketball court, you can also wear it to casual ceremonies and outings, very versatile!

This shoe also provides adequate comfort protection for your kid’s foot during pieces of training. It also allows for flexible movements while providing enough stability and lateral support. The shoes perfectly fit and lock down the foot with their mid-foot hook and loop straps.

Apart from the mesh being comfortable and high breathable, the cushioning of these shoes is flexible thanks to the lightweight midsole foam. The thin rubber sole avails decent traction for your kids. Further, these shoes are true to size.


  • It is cool and durable
  • It is for unisex
  • Highly stable, secure, and responsive


  • The logo comes after wearing it for a couple of days

7. Socviis Men’s Fashion Basketball Shoes

best pink basketball shoes

Product Specification:

  • Size Range: 7 – 8.5
  • Design: Breathable, Lightweight, Lace-up, Cushioned
  • Sole: Rubber Sole
  • Upper Shoe Region: High-Quality Weaving of Textile + Leather

Unlike most of the shoes in this review, the bottom of this shoe is not foamy. A black and white sole and an upper pink body helps you rock any outing. Moving forward, apart from being relatively cheap also compared to most brands of basketball shoes, it has great shock absorption. Also, it has a soft padded collar to provide maximum comfort to the ankle. The shoe also has a great structure and stylish design. 

This shoe has true sizes and fits snugly to your foot rather than falling off. There is also a provision of outer durable plastic support for your foot. Conclusively, apart from basketballing practices, it’s also suitable for casual walks.


  • This shoe has arch support
  • They hold up even under stress
  • They are lightweight and fanciful
  • They are cheap and durable


  • The sole is hard and makes a noise on shift your weight
  • Offer some discomfort over an extended use for a couple of hours

With this detailed review, you should be able to pick a pink basketball shoe for yourself, your kids, or your partner without fear. It’s worth noting that for ladies picking any of the men’s shoes, it’s advisable to size down by 1.5. Thanks for reading through this review on the best pink basketball shoes.

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