7 Best Mizuno Volleyball Shoes(2022)

A volleyball player undoubtedly needs a shoe that can balance their posture when the match gets intense. Mizuno Wave technology remains a well-respected, reputable trademark in volleyball shoes. The brand’s top products, such as Wave Lighting and Wave Momentum, are considered top sellers worldwide among indoor volleyball shoes.

best Mizuno volleyball shoes

 Mizuno has been very impactful over the years, and its unique features compensate well for the prices of its products. The sports gear brand consistently delivers high-quality, game-ready products that both beginners and experts will find appealing.

Whether you’re playing the offensive or defensive, putting on a nice pair of volleyball shoes is crucial to consider if you must play at your best on the court and avoid injuries.

Below are the best Mizuno volleyball shoes to take your game up a notch:

7 Best Mizuno Volleyball Shoes Review

1. Mizuno Women’s Wave Lightning Z3 – Best for Setters

When choosing a shoe for the setter position, it’s essential to go for an option that provides durability, traction, and comfort. The setter position is demanding a d requires sturdy volleyball shoes that provide the needed support.

This sturdy shoe comes with a Dura-Shield outsole to protect your toes and brace you up for a smooth kick-off, with more acceleration power for enhanced hitting. The outsole holds sensor points, which offer excellent support for a softer landing and accurate movements. The lace-up design improves lockdown and support.

The women’s Wave lightning Z3 offers a classic, low-cut profile in terms of design. However, the aspect that has garnered positive feedback from users is the excellent arch support. The gel sole also aids stability without slipping.

This shoe is not suitable for wide feet as it has a narrow fit. In addition, the shoe comes in women sizing, so male users might have to check the male equivalent sizing when buying.

What Previous Users Say

According to a user, Wave Lightning Z3 served his daughter well for some time, delivering comfort, stability, durability, and a perfect fit.

Overall, the Wave Lightning 3 provides you with the best comfort. It is ideal and suitable to be used throughout each practice and game. It comes in an attractive design while offering excellent traction and comfort.

Notable Features

  • Parallel wave plate
  • Mizuno intercooler
  • 100% Synthetic
  • Synthetic sole
  • Dynamotion fit
  • Lace-up Low-top
  • 8.8 oz. Air mesh
  • D-flex groove
  • Anatomical cup insole


  • Super comfy
  • Durable
  • Lightweight
  • Good traction
  • True to size


  • Not Flexible

2. Mizuno Wave Voltage Women’s Indoor Court Shoe

The new women’s Wave voltage delivers an exciting pace and significant shock absorption for intense lateral movements. Thanks to the Wave Voltage construction and materials, it allows speedy reactions from different positions.

A diagonal groove within the middle foot space permits the player to show utmost speed and power by expeditiously transferring natural body movement and shift in direction. The dura-Shield feature helps protect the toe from the harm of friction to the ground. DynaMotion Groove increases flexibility while minimizing foot instability.

These women’s court shoes’ Intercool feature allows for breathability and provides ventilation to the feet. The shoe keeps the feet cool and dry, reducing heat and humidness build-up throughout the performance. This shoe is not suitable for wide feet.

Nevertheless, many users have reported that it is true to size and keeps their feet comfortable throughout the game.

What Previous Users Say

“These are great shoes for indoor volleyball. I wore them for the first time at a tournament for 6 hours, and I didn’t have any blisters. They are comfortable and fit true to size”.

Users seem impressed with the Wave Voltage’s stability, comfort, and snug fit. The on-court performance is decent, and it is flexible and lightweight.

Notable Features

  • D-Flex groove in the midfoot area enables maximum speed and power for quick turns.
  • Visible Lace-up
  • The intercool support system keeps your feet cool and dry
  • DynaMotion groove Innovative outsole design helps to improve on-court agility and stability.
  • Dura-shield protects your toes from hurting upon impact
  • DynaMotion groove
  • Rubber sole, textile, and synthetic materials.


  • Shock absorption
  • Improves stability
  • Keeps feet dry
  • Increase flexibility
  • Breathability and heat reduction


  • Not suitable for wide feet
  • Narrow toe box

3. Mizuno Wave Momentum Women’s Volleyball Shoes – Best for Women.

Mizuno Women’s Wave Momentum volleyball Shoe is one of the best innovations made suitable for women by Mizuno. These women’s volleyball shoes provide you with maximum support that is fully responsive to the quickest change instance when on the court.

These resourceful volleyball shoes carry Mizuno’s trademark Wave technology that uniformly disseminates energy from impact, allowing players to enjoy impressive comfort and injury protection. The shoe is lightweight, and breathability is provided by the shoe’s mesh upper. The in-built Intercool ventilation system also functions as a tool to cut back heat build-up within the shoe, increasing overall comfort and performance.

The shoe’s sole features extra-grade rubber and are crafted to enhance flexibility and lightness on the court. These sturdy shoes are offered in women’s sizes and serve as a good possibility for all-around volleyball play.

What Previous Users Say

The Wave Momentum women’s volleyball shoe has received quite a good number of positive feedback from customers about comfort, support, and fitting to size.

According to a verified Amazon customer, “the sole inside provides excellent support, and the shoe is super soft and comfy. My daughter loves them”.

Notable Features

  • For an all-around fantastic fit and feel, it has a 3-Layer no-sew upper.
  • Dura-Shield enabled to protect user toes from damage due to friction-to-floor damage.
  • Mizuno Wave technology is embedded in the shoe to deliver security, stability, and cushion for comfort throughout the match.
  • Extra grade rubber (Xg Rubber) improves grip/ traction to the floor.
  • Intercool ventilation systems


  • Durability
  • Good stability
  • Great traction
  • Lightweight
  • Supportive


  • Not suitable for wide feet
  • Narrow toe box

4. Mizuno Men’s Wave Lightning Z6 – Best for Men

Mizuno Wave technology provides cushion and stability to take you through competitive matches in a grand way. It has a D-flex groove, a versatile diagonal groove in the midsole space, to transfer the natural body movement and improve shift in direction.

Mizuno men’s Wave lightning Z6 has a re-engineered sole to provide users with explosive power and unbeatable acceleration, keeping you ahead of an opponent with super-fast reactions in any direction. It features a breathable mesh higher with slipper construction, which supports versatile, easy movement and an extra-stable stabilizer sole to keep you balanced.

The TheD-flex groove gives the player speed and power. It also features a 360-degree, extraordinarily breathable design mesh. The Wave Lightning Z6 is suitable for both old and young athletes in different sizes and colors. However, it is best for men.

What Previous Users Say

There’s no doubt about the durability factor as this shoe can keep up for a long time without wearing off.

“My son plays volleyball, and he is so happy with his shoes. It’s been 5 months, and they worked so well”.

It is evident from the above customer review and many more that Wave Lightning Z6 is indeed durable.

Notable Features

  • Presence of D-flex groove
  • A lightweight upper allows for breathability
  • It has rounded heels for quick and smooth movements
  • Midsole cushioning for comfort
  • Breathable design mesh
  • Dynamotion Grooves enables forefoot flexibility


  • Good traction
  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Keeps Balance


  • Not suitable for wide feet

5. Mizuno Women’s Wave Cyclone 2 – Best For Hitter

The Mizuno Women’s Wave Cyclone Speed 2 is perfect for all-around players. It prides itself in offering players a rubber outsole for excellent traction, a responsive EVA midsole, and dynamic cushioning. It is designed to produce immense stability, which allows for tough lateral movements without altering the delivery of comfort and responsiveness.

Playing in the offensive is excellent and enjoyable. Still, your fun could get ruined if you lack the necessary wear to provide you with a firm grip/traction. To this effect, this product is impressive and provides players with excellent traction and firm grip.

Furthermore, its midsole and insole cushioning provide the feet with great comfort and prevent heat that could lead to sweating. This product runs very true to size, as evident from customer reviews.

The synthetic overlays help improve stability when making lateral movements. In addition, the shoe also features an EVA midsole for responsive cushioning. Mizuno women’s wave cyclone 2 possesses a rubber outsole that provides excellent ground grip for traction.

What Previous Users Say

According to a user, the Mizuno Women’s Wave Cyclone 2 has a way better grip than all the other volleyball shoes he bought for his daughter. Other buyers are also impressed with the overall on-court performance and support delivered by the Wave Cyclone 2.

Notable Features

  • Eva midsole for responsive cushioning
  • The rubber outsole is non-marking
  • Lace-up design for lockdown


  • It is durable
  • It is well fashioned
  • Incredible design
  • Lightweight
  • Suitable for an all-round player


  • Run small and very narrow

6. Mizuno Unisex-Child Cyclone Speed 2 – Best For Youth

Mizuno Unisex-Child Cyclone Speed 2 youth volleyball shoe is perfect for the all-around youth player. It provides players with a grippy rubber sole, responsive EVA midsole, and dynamic padding to aid comfort.

The Cyclone Speed 2’s excellent stability allows robust lateral movements while delivering comfort and responsiveness. It offers stability for lateral movements with its artificial overlays.

This child’s volleyball shoe features a rubber sole for solid grip and traction. And with a dynamic cushioning system, it keeps your feet protected and comfy. The Cyclone Speed 2 also features Dura shield for toe protection. The stylish nature of this shoe makes it very attractive. And for fitness, it is true to size.

What Previous Users Say

“This shoe has been great and fit for my daughter, as it was the second time I’m buying this.” – Verified Amazon user.

Mizuno has done an excellent job with the Cyclone Speed 2 for young athletes. Users are impressed by the lightweight design, incredible traction, and durability.

Notable Features

  • 100% Synthetic upper materials
  • Rubber sole
  • EVA midsole
  • Low-top
  • Responsive lightweight
  • Non-marking outsole


  • Lightweight
  • Authentic rubber sole for firm grip
  • Suitable for both genders
  • It is durable


  • A bit narrow

7. Wave Supersonic Women’s Volleyball Shoes

Wave Supersonic for women delivers top performance on indoor hardcourt surfaces.

The women’s Supersonic volleyball footwear is a good take for an ideal volleyball shoe. It looks great without neglecting durability. In addition to this, the materials are soft and provide comfort to the feet.

Thanks to the ” Sr touch ” cushioning, these women’s volleyball shoes are specially engineered for the female volleyball player. Sr touch is an integrated, lightweight, cushioning material that effectively absorbs shocks while ensuring that the transition is smooth and fast due to its quick rebound properties. It is indeed light.

What Previous Users Say

The Wave Supersonic seems true to size, according to user testimonies.

It fits perfectly and looks great, and my daughter had been wearing them for four months, and they still look new.

The shoes hold up very well, and they are incredibly comfortable.

Notable Features

  • 100% Synthetic
  • Fashionable and attractive
  • Air mesh Upper: Air Mesh upper for superior feel, breathability, and comfort
  • Sr Touch cushioning for shock absorption.
  • Advanced cushioning material for lightweight comfort, shock absorption, and smooth transition


  • Lightweight
  • Great traction
  • Attractive design
  • Shockproof
  • Very comfortable
  • Durable


  • Runs small
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Asics Vs. Mizuno Volleyball Shoes

Technological advancements seem to have created a breakthrough in making and providing better shoes. As a result, there is a wide range of volleyball shoes to choose from on the market, and many more keep coming up as time goes by. These advancements have brought about several improvements in traction, breathability, better cushioning, lightweight, and durability.

If we took surveys on the best volleyball shoemakers, a higher percentage of users would likely believe that there are two major competitors for this position: Asics & Mizuno. The reason is that both of them have been doing great, improving their expertise in shoe-making, and have topped the game with good quality standards.

It is safe to say that Mizuno (1906) has made volleyball shoes longer than Asics (1949), judging from the time of inception. Besides, the former has claimed the overall best, owing to reviews from users. Nevertheless, Asics’ relentless efforts towards improving and meeting standards and being an active competitor, delivering comfort and durability cannot be underrated.

Though beautifully made of quality and durable materials, most Mizuno shoes are not a pretty good fit for those with wide feet. As opposed to this, the Asics volleyball shoes could be a favorite of those with a wide fit because it runs a bit wider than the Mizuno’s. 

Asics employ more mesh than Mizuno for comfortability, which keeps it airy and comfortable to put on. Even though both shoes are lightweight, they still retain their durability and serve for several seasons.

Mizuno has an edge in terms of delivering more sophisticated shoes in the likes of Tornado, Bolt 6, Wave, and the amazing new Lightning models. These models have drawn a battle line for the hottest and most effective indoor court shoes. Embedded in these shoes is a fantastic feature known as the “Pebax parallel technology.” This feature allows for even shock displacement throughout the sole, facilitating performance while providing comfort. Furthermore, another great feature that sets Mizuno apart is the rubber outsoles that increase traction and balance.

With all that said, Asics is not left behind as it is a well-known fact that Asics employ GEL cushioning. This GEL technology places gel where it has the most impact, and it reduces impact when performing a heel strike for the rearfoot, creating room for a smooth transition. At the same time, the front foot gel aims to minimize shock, especially while performing a forward movement.

Both Mizuno and Asics have been doing great and earned customers’ trust all over for fame and sale. However, it’s safe to say that Mizuno might top the list of the most popular as it has been around for many years, at least more than Asics.  

I think Mizuno is best for you if you’re a woman or have a girl child, as evident from specs and user reviews. However, Asics still maintain a leading role in the best shoes that cater to wide feet.


1. Are Mizuno Shoes Good for Volleyball? 

Yes, Muzino shoes are perfect and one of the best makers of volleyball shoes. Mizuno is a global manufacturing company that has been making and improving sports equipment for a very long time now. It would be interesting to know that Volleyball shoes are not the only things that Mizuno makes. Making volleyball shoes is just an aspect of the many diversifications of the reputable corporation.

These great shoes from Mizuno are perfect for all-around players. No matter what position you play, as long as it is volleyball, Mizuno has all you need, be it a man or woman, boy or girl, a beginner or an expert, there’s a shoe for you.

2. Is Mizuno a Volleyball Brand?

Yes, the brand specializes in making and developing sporting shoes and equipment.

Mizuno is well known for making many other types of stunning footwear and gear for other sports, like baseball, volleyball, golf, and softball. Mizuno prides itself on advancing and modernizing sporting goods, and equipment and promoting sports. It has a very proud pathway as a high-quality volleyball shoe brand.

3. Do Volleyball Shoes Help You Jump?

Mizuno shoes offer lightweight shoes with tech features to enhance your performance. However, even though volleyball court shoes are usually light and flat, it is not an accelerator.

It is better advised as a player to focus and work to fix your strength.

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