7 Best Basketball Shoe Brands Forever

best basketball shoe brand

Without any debate, basketball is one of the most popular sports globally. As a popular game, manufacturers continue to up the design of the shoes for comfort, increased performance, and fashion. Shoes are the only tools for basketball players, and improving the designs for better performance and safety will move players from the bench to the paint speedily.

As a player, understanding your capabilities and playing style is essential because they influence your choice of shoes significantly. The different shoe sections: the upper, midsole, and outsole, also impact your performance distinctly. This review entails the 7 best-selected basketball shoe brands based on chosen criteria. Choosing from the several brands could be overwhelming, so we helped you streamline these choices to the best 7 brands. These brands are Nike, Adidas, Air Jordan, Puma, Anta, New Balance, and Under Armour.


nike basketball shoe

As you could guess right, the first brand to mention is Nike; the largest supplier of sports equipment globally. This brand is a game-changer in the world of sports shoes, as the vast collections are comfortable, sturdy, and come with sleek designs.

Nike designs the signature models for stars like LeBron James, Paul George, Kevin Durant, and Kyrie Irving. However, aside from the costlier designs, other non-signature designs are budget-friendly, with the Nike quality still enshrined in them.

This brand employs proprietary technologies and innovations that improve performance on the court. Some of the features include the Flyknit, the lines that enable flexible containment. And others like the Air, which provides premium cushioning and comfort that enhances focus. Also, the full-length Zoom Air unit and well-lined mesh construction make the shoe lightweight and overall enhance performance.

The rubber used to manufacture the outsole ensures the shoe’s sturdiness, grit, and support as you make your stunning moves. Aside from the technology, your style of play affects your choice of gear for playing basketball. A Nike shoe has padding, cushion, and lockdown for support and safety against injury.


  • The Nike Air Zoom
  • Top-notch technology for 360-degree traction
  • The leading shoe brand
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Air Jordan

air jordan basketball shoe

Established by both Michel Jordan and Nike, Air Jordan is another leading brand of reliable and well-rounded basketball shoes in the industry that has been in existence for more than 35 years. The designs of Air Jordan fit different tastes, moods, and outings aside from on-court playing.

One distinct design of the shoe is the Jumpman logo; a silhouette of Michael Jordan leaping into the air. Another feature is the patent leather, added based on Michael Jordan’s request. The shoe fits for on-court activities and other official uses.

Zoom Air technology from Nike is present in most Air Jordan shoes, and it boosts responsiveness, increases the quick-of-the-ground feel, and decreases protonation. The loop at the back of the shoe makes taking it off and on an easy task. During jumps and dunks, the lace locks keep the lace in place and improve the player’s confidence.

As a basketball player, you need shoes that give ample support for the mid and lows through a combination of the heel, midsole, and forefoot support by this brand. The lockdown also prevents sliding to prevent blisters and injuries because of the pressure between your legs and shoes. The extra padding at the ankle provides premium comfort and support.


  • Overall lightweight
  • Springy cushion
  • Upper materials feel really thin for breathability


adidas basketball shoe

Adidas is gaining popularity day by day for decades as they produce high-performance basketball shoes in the market. Some NBA stars like James Harden and Damian Lillard represent the brand.

The Boost Cushioning technology by Adidas is superb, as it provides immense comfort even for high impacts as you play. The brand-new Cushioning technology by Adidas at the midsole provides the needed comfort for revamp on the court of play. Also, the boost technology provides the required supply of fast energy during play.

The material for making the upper of Adidas basketball shoes are Jacquard synthetic and textile for premium comfort. For traction, Adidas always does a great job, as the outsole of the shoes is made of Continental Rubber, which provides a firm grip on any floor.

However, the flat outsole design is a turn-off as it should be curved a little to aid effective movement and turn. Also, the shoes are heavy and bulky, and some even weigh up to 15.5-16 ounces, which would not aid easy movement and flexibility.


  • The average weight is 2.6 pounds
  • Polyester is often used for the uppers
  • Innovative outsole


puma basketball shoe

One of the leading choices in the industry is PUMA, a brand that is committed to providing excellent and high-quality products to compete favorably with other big brands like Nike, and Air Jordan. The PUMA brand honors Walt ‘Clyde,’ a legend that started with New York Knicks in the 1970s.

The materials for manufacture are durable leather from Better Cotton Initiative, and the Leather Working Group added to recycled polyester. Good padding and high-quality materials by PUMA ensure you don’t feel pains or get injured during movements.

How firmly your shoe grips the ground would prevent slipping or falling during the game. PUMA shoes are made with a durable high-abrasion sticky rubber outsole that ensures firm grip in any direction.

PUMA considers all the different needs from profound vertical to lateral movements and actions. The brand uses different proprietary midsole foams that provide premium support and enhance performance for the different positions and styles of play.  Another intriguing feature of PUMA is the different styles available in its shoe line. The brand incorporates more unique shapes, vibrant colors, and artistic patterns.


  • Full rubber outsole
  • Leather upper offers premium look
  • Available in different designs

Under Armour

Under Armour basketball shoe

Under Armour was founded in 1996, but its popularity exploded in 2013 after signing Steph Curry and further went to sign the MBA All-star, Joel Embiid. This is another brand committed to improving your on-court performance and eliminating injuries during play.

The upper of Under Armour shoes are made with tie leather or TPU leather, which improves breathability, fit, and helps support. Traction is important for a firm grip on the hardwood floor. So rubber is the material for the outsole, and the herringbone spike pattern improves the shoe’s grip.

The next point to consider is cushioning technology. Under Armour uses charged Cushioning technology together with Innovative EVA foam for their signature shoes. This brand’s latest shoes are made with HOVR foam, which is lighter and more durable. Under Armour also uses the Micro G foam because of its lower compression and higher energy. Generally, this brand mixes the foams for greater cushioning.

For design, Under Armour comes behind brands like Adidas and Nike. They have limited designs, but you can still make choices from the functional options available.


  • Excellent grip
  • Superb ventilation
  • Average weight is 13 Oz.

New Balance

new balance basketball shoe

New Balance is an American sneaker brand that reentered the basketball world in 2018 after over a decade of its absence. The brand stands out because of its balance between exclusivity and accessibility.

New Balance’s traction is superb and grips all kinds of floors perfectly to provide support and confidence for effective performance.  The herringbone pattern funds full-length on the outside and enhances the firm grip on almost any court.

The shoe cushioning is premium. The Fuel Cell midsole technology provides optimum balance between the cushion and the court. New Balance uses lightweight plastic, foam, and mesh for the manufacture of the shoe’s upper. The materials are durable, provide maximum support and comfort. Also, the Cold Cement Construction process is used to attach the upper to the sole.

The lockdown on the shoes is worth the hype. There is no good feeling like the exuding confidence knowing your feet are properly locked as you make your game-changing moves. The locks are also important as they prevent blisters or injuries due to friction.

However, the excessive toe space in this brand’s shoes is a drawback. Almost all buyers made this comment.


  • Herringbone treads for lateral traction
  • Rubber turf outsole
  • Non-water resistant


anta basketball shoe

let’s talk about a very popular Chinese basketball shoe brand. This brand is focused on the application of sports science and innovations for the manufacturing of high-performance basketball shoes. Anta employs different designers from several countries to come up with over 3,000 new styles every year. The market pull by the brand has attracted famous players like Kevin Garnett and Klay Thompson as the leading ambassadors.

Anta uses advanced technology for 360-degree ventilation by using A-Web. This material has the upper mesh, lower mesh, and middle EVA layer. The upper has an underlining that prevents overstretching and keeps the shoes in place. All the materials for the shoes provide comfort, support, and protection. Also, the soles of the shoes are made of EVA material, which is water-resistant, and responsible for the lightweight of the shoe.

The impact from hitting the ground is absorbed by technology: the A-Flash Foam cushion beneath the heal area.  Anta also uses a solid rubber compound with different patterns that provide superb traction on all floors. Then, the lock-in feature also protects the feet from injuries and bruises caused by friction between the feet and the shoe walls.


  • Soft and breathable
  • Stylish and stable design
  • Durable water outsole


What is the best brand of basketball shoes?

Nike is the best basketball shoe brand, as over 70 percent of NBA players consider this brand their choice shoes. For a long time, Nike has held the position of the leading basketball shoe brand in the world, and the trend is not ending anytime soon. The label earned its spot because of its sleek style, innovative design, and top-notch engineering.

What are the most common basketball shoes?     

Several players change their shoes severally in a season; however, most players stick to a single one but with different colors. The most common basketball shoe is the Nike Kobe 4 Protro, a shoe worn by big NBA stars.

How long do NBA players wear their shoes?

NBA is the most professional basketball player, and it is not uncommon to see them changing their shoes after every 3 to 4 games. The reason for such frequency is the enormous value placed on the game. And as the only tool for the players, they cannot compromise on playing with the best tools for optimum performance. In addition, they get good deals from sponsors and get paid for promoting their brands.

Are basketball shoes important?

Aside from personal abilities and skills, basketball shoes have an immense impact on players’ performance. The right shoes provide support, cushioning, traction, and stability during the game. The right shoes prevent injuries and blisters which occur during the game due to friction between the legs and the shoes.

Is the Jordan brand stilled owned by Nike?

Yes, Nike still owns the Jordan brand. Against the misconception, Michael Jordan does not own the Jordan brand, but he gets a share of the revenue. Jordan brand started as a subsidiary of Nike but has grown to own its identity, with its designers, marketing, and corporate structure.

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