7 Best Asics Volleyball Shoes In 2022(Tried & Tested)

Best Asics Volleyball Shoes

A good pair of volleyball shoes is one of the best ways to be at the top of your game while preventing injuries.

Are you looking for lightweight shoes with rubber soles and supportive cushioning, Asics volleyball offers these and more. Asics is known for its great collection of volleyball shoes that meet the requirements of the game.

Whether you’re a setter or you play the defensive, there are a lot of great options to choose from, depending on your position and needs.

Here are the best Asics Volleyball shoes on the market tailored to your style, preferences, and needs.

7 Best Asics Volleyball Shoes Review

1. Asics Gel Rocket 9– Best for Setters

Asics Gel Rocket 9 volleyball shoes- Best for Setters

A setter needs a shoe that provides well-rounded support to be able to turn on a dime as they’re setting. With a full-length gum rubber outsole in addition to the gel system, the Asics Gel Rocket 9 offer great performance for players on the offensive end.

One of the reasons behind Asic’s popularity is the traction it offers. The rubber and gum rubber outsole has more natural rubber than traditional soles for top-notch grip. Many buyers attest that the lateral support is awesome, even after playing for long hours.

For enhanced support, Asics uses its Trusstic System Technology, which reduces the weight of the sole unit, allowing confident transitions between moves. The lightweight mesh upper with synthetic overlays provides enhanced support and comfort.

Comfort is another area in which the Asics excel. Featuring a rear and forefoot GEL cushioning system, it offers shock absorption support in the toe-off area. With the impressive cushioning at the front, you won’t feel discomfort on the court. And the midsole has springy EVA for excellent cushioning and responsiveness, giving you the boost you need as you race across the court.

The insole is removable, so, if you need more plush, the shoe can accommodate custom insoles and ankle braces. The side support construction and full Strobel lasting provide additional support as you make multidirectional movements.

In terms of fit, the Get Rocket 9 features the traditional lacing closure for maximum fit. The Asics Rocket 9 runs large, so it’s perfect for wide-footed folks. If you have normal feet size, it’s best to go down half a size. The sockliner is removable to accommodate medical orthotics; however, you have to rip it out as it’s glued down.

 Overall, the Asics Gel Rocket 9 is supportive, grip exceptional on the court, and comfortable and responsive.

Notable Features

  • TRUSSTIC SYSTEM™ technology
  • EVA midsole for
  • Full Strobel lasting
  • Forefoot GEL technology
  • Gum and rubber outsole
  • Removable EVA sockliner
  • Lightweight mesh upper with synthetic overlays


  • Comfortable right out of the box
  • Lightweight
  • Great lateral support
  • Fits true to size
  • Roomy toebox
  • Sturdy and durable


  • Insole aren’t easily removable

2. ASICS Men’s Netburner Ballistic FF 2– Best for Men

ASICS Men's Netburner Ballistic FF 2 volleyball shoes - Best for Men

The NETBURNER BALLISTIC FF 2 for men features the Asic’sFlyteFoam Midsole Technology and Twisstrust System for a snug fit, improved movements, and durability.

Featuring a mid-top construction and supportive internal hell counter, the Netburner delivers a locked-in feel, giving you confidence as you make abrupt cuts on the feel. Not to mention the integration of Twisstrust technology for more speed and agility during abrupt pivoting and twists.

For the midsole, Asics incorporates Flytefoam Propel technology, which enables a responsive ride. Unlike softer, low-density foams, Flytefoam provides a bounce back no matter the distance. According to a user, it felt extremely comfy. They also feature Asics Gel cushioning system in the rearfoot and forefoot to absorb impact and improve comfort when you’re making quick moves or jumping.

In addition, you get cushioned footbed for underfoot comfort and deeper flex grooves in the outsole for enhanced flexibility. The ridges of polyurethane rubber over the toes improve flexibility and provide added protection to the forefoot.

The Netburner are well-built shoes great for indoor volleyball, as well as other indoor court games like netball. The lightweight design, support, and grippy rubber soles make it a great choice for players who need to be agile. We only wished it was wider in width.

Notable Features

  • FlyteFoam technology for responsiveness
  • Mid-top construction
  • NC Rubber outsole for durability
  • Polyurethane rubber over the toes for forefoot protection
  • Ortholite Sockliner for moisture prevention
  • Twisstrust System for agility and speed
  • Rearfoot and Forefoot GEL Technology cushioning system
  • Deeper


  • High-quality construction
  • Snug fit
  • Excellent foot lock-in
  • Supportive
  • Very comfy
  • Responsive


  • Narrow width

3. ASICS Kid’s Upcourt 4 Grade School– Best for Youths

ASICS Kid’s Upcourt 4 Grade School volleyball shoes– Best for Youths

The concern of most parents when shopping for shoes is how sturdy the shoes are to stand up to use and how durable the shoes are. Bottom of Form

The Asics Court 4 for kids not only gives the young ones the confidence to perform on the court, but it is also easy to maintain.

The synthetic leather and mesh of the upper are breathable, lightweight, and comfortable.  Some users confirm that these kids’ shoes are machine washable, so you won’t have to worry about maintenance. Besides, the upper material enhances performance and fit.

Asics designed Court 4 with a lower density midsole, allowing young athletes the benefit of midsole compression and responsive cushioning. Many buyers have praised the performance of Court 4, with some buyers preferring to play in it instead of more expensive models like the Mizuno.  The court 4 is also sturdy and durable. Many users have attested that the shoes withstand long-term use.

The Asics Court 4 fits true to size, with just enough space at the toe box area for your feet to breathe and room to grow. You get to choose from men’s sizes 6 to 13 for the perfect fit. And with various cool colorways to choose from, they pair well with your favorite volleyball attire or uniform.

Whether you’re an experienced player who needs budget-friendly shoes or new to volleyball, the Upcourt 4 is a great option. The cushioning, breathability, and performance are on par with what you’d expect from more expensive models.

Notable Features

  • Mesh upper with synthetic leather
  • Lower-density midsole
  • Rubber gum outsole
  • Low-top silhouette


  • Designed exclusively for kids
  • Budget-friendly
  • Great traction
  • Lightweight support
  • Durable
  • Supportive
  • Snug fit and comfy


  • Break-in period required
  • Narrow toe box

4. ASICS Upcourt 4 for men– Best Budget for Men

ASICS Upcourt 4 volleyball shoes for men- Best Budget for Men

The ASICS Upcourt 4 for men is the best seller volleyball shoe on Amazon for many reasons. Like the kids’ version, the adult model of Court 4 is athletes who are newer to volleyball and need budget shoes that deliver.

The mesh upper with synthetic overlays offers comfort, durability, and flexibility to get you started with confidence. A user who has used the Upcourt 4 for a year of regular playing says that the shoes are still wearable. 

The traction on Court 4 is pretty amazing. With a rubber gum outsole that grips the court, you can confidently pivot, turn, stop and start on a dime without losing control. The synthetic overlays add to the stability during braking and abrupt transitions. Many users have commended the excellent traction it provides. Some wearers have even used the Upcourt 4 outdoors without any complaints. 

This men’s volleyball shoe also provides some arch support which you can feel when making jumps off the balls of your feet

For those who like ventilation in their shoes, the mesh upper is breathable, delivering plenty of airflows to keep your feet cool during matches.  

These Upcourt 4 men’s shoes are versatile, ideal for use both on and off the court. Going for a run? Or playing tennis or Badminton? These volleyball shoes are multifunctional. 

In terms of size, some users report having a perfect fit, while a couple of users had to go down half a size. For a snug fit, the Upcourt 4 has the traditional lacing system. However, the shoelace holes seem too far apart, making the shoelaces a bit short.

The AsicsUpcourt 4 might not compete with more expensive models like the Netburner in terms of tech. It is, however, a budget volleyball shoe for beginners.

Notable Features

  • Synthetic leather overlays for support
  • Breathable mesh material 
  • Rubber gum outsole


  • Lightweight
  • Cool design
  • Impressive traction
  • Breathable
  • Versatile
  • Sturdy build
  • Extremely comfy


  • Not true to size 

5. ASICS Upcourt 3 Women’s Volleyball Shoes – Best Budget for Women

ASICS Upcourt 3 Women's Volleyball Shoes - Best Budget for Women

ASIC’S Upcourt 3 for women is designed to improve your performance as you leap, land, and make lateral moves – at a pocket-friendly price point.

A combination of mesh overlays and synthetic leather delivers forefoot comfort and breathability, while rearfoot ASIC’S GEL technology cushioning system provides lightweight comfort.  According to a user, there’s no ache when she makes jarring stops while playing.

This Upcourt 3 features a mid-top cut for enhanced ankle support, keeping your ankles from popping out due to lateral movements during the game.  And the flat sole provides a low-to-the-ground feel, perfect for indoor courts. The rubber sole grips the floor well, giving you great traction. With its 10mm heel gradient, these women’s volleyball shoes offer a lot of cushion in the heel, enhancing your landing during spikes.

In terms of drawbacks, few buyers were not impressed by the durability and lack of arch support.  It accommodates external arch support without affecting the fit, and the toe box of the Upcourt 3 is roomy and nice. Overall, the Upcourt 3 is sturdy and comfy.  These volleyball shoes are top performers, whether you’re a beginner or an expert.

Notable Features

  • Mesh and synthetic leather upper
  • ASICS rearfoot GEL technology
  • 10mm heel gradient
  • Full-length rubber outsole
  • EVA midsole
  • Removable Sockliner
  • Ethylene Vinyl Acetate sole


  • High-quality construction
  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable


  • Runs big

6. ASICS Men’s Netburner Ballistic FF MT– Best for Hitters

ASICS Men’s Netburner Ballistic FF MT volleyball shoes- Best for Hitters

The top-notch ankle support, excellent traction, and lightweight cushioning make this Netburner Ballistic FF MT features a mid-top cut and a great option for hitters who engage in a lot of jumping. 

A major selling point of the FF 2 is the Flytefoam midsole technology. The lower density provides responsiveness and bounces back, providing the support you need during jumps.

The removable Ortholite sockliner helps manage moisture, keeping your feet sweat-free throughout the game. Thanks to the Rearfoot and Forefoot technology, these men’s volleyball shoes attenuate shock during impact and toe-off phases, allowing multidirectional movement and swift transitions.

Another advantage of the Netburner MT over other models is the ankle support. The mid-top cut provides extra support, while the laces of these volleyball shoes go up high for a snug fit. Some wearers claim that the fit is snugger than the FF 2 low-tops. For enhanced lateral support, a quarter panel brace securely wraps the foot.

The Netburner provides support, comfort, and traction for all types of players. Wearers are impressed by the traction provided by these court shoes. The rubber outsole grips the floor without leaving marks. Hitters especially will love the enhanced traction and cushioning. The Netburner has some drawbacks, including the first the tight fit and the hard toe box area. However, this could be fixed by breaking the shoes in.

Notable Features

  • Mid-cut silhouette
  • Flytefoam midsole technology
  • N.C Rubber outsole
  • Removable Ortholite sockliner


  • The extra support around the ankles
  • Needs no breaking in
  • Snug fit
  • Extremely comfortable
  • Lightweight
  • Nice design and colors
  • Good balance
  • Non-marking on wood floors


  • A bit narrow
  • A bit expensive          

7.  ASICS Men’s Gel-Tactic 2– Best for Liberos

ASICS Men's Gel-Tactic 2 volleyball shoes– Best for Liberos

A team’s libero needs shoes with good shock absorption, stability, and traction to perform exceptionally in the defense position. Asics Gel-Tactic 2 provides flexibility, durability, and comfort as you make forward and backward movements combined with lateral movements.

Featuring a combination of breathable mesh and synthetic leather, the Men’s Gel-Tactic offers durability. In the midfoot, you get a plastic molded component for stability, and the EVA midsole provides bounce and responsiveness.  The Ortholite sockliner is removable, letting you replace it with a liner of your choice. In terms of traction, these Asics non-marking court shoes feature an N.C RUBBER outsole for improved traction.

These men’s volleyball shoes offer impressive cushioning, thanks to the Asics Gel in both the rear and forefoot. You get a mesh insole for breathability, and the Trusstic System technology improves forefoot stability so you can be defense-ready throughout the match. The GEL technology enhances underfoot comfort while keeping the shoe pretty light. According to a user, the GEL-Tactic provided the support he needs while playing as a libero.

These volleyball shoes are extremely lightweight, making them popular among squash players and other court games. Many players say they felt an advanced level of traction, support, and cushion with the GEL-TACTIC 2. One grip we have with these shoes is that it’s hard around the toe box.

Notable Features

  • Synthetic leather and mesh vents upper
  • Rearfoot GEL technology cushioning
  • MidfootTrusstic system
  • EVA midsole
  • N.C. Rubber outsole


  • Great on-court performance
  • Fits true to size
  • Excellent fit
  • Impressive ankle support
  • Great traction
  • Lightweight
  • Stylish


  • Feels a bit stiff
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How to Choose Volleyball Shoes

Volleyball demands a lot of athletic movements, with players having to jump 1-4 times within a 15-second window. To reduce strain on your body, it’s essential to get the right shoe that offers a   combination of shock absorption, ankle support, and flexibility

Consider the following factors when choosing volleyball shoes:


Volleyball shoes are different from other running shoes in terms of design due to the constant lateral and vertical movements volleyball players do. When shopping for volleyball shoes, consider the following:

  • Durable Sole: Because of the traction required by the game, the volleyball sole is typically made of gum material. A good volleyball shoe will offer a sole that minimizes injuries and is non-marking on the courts.
  • Responsive Midsole: Look out for foam material, gel, or air cushions for sturdy, yet flexible enough for quick movements. Some shoes place more emphasis on cushioning on the rearfoot or forefoot area, while others offer all-around cushioning.

The shoe’s midsole should also be flexible, allowing you to take off at all times in different directions during games.

  • Mesh Panel: The upper part of the shoes should have mesh panels for ventilation and breathability.


The position you play will play a major role in the volleyball shoes you choose:

Best Volleyball for Hitter: Hitters are always on the offensive, so they need enough comfort to attack. Look out for sturdy shoes that offer great cushioning, shock absorption, and stability like the Asics Netburner Ballistic FF MT.

Best Volleyball Shoes for Setters: Due to the complex position they play, setters need shoes that let them make quick cuts and acceleration. Consider shoes with excellent traction for bouncebacks and jumping like the Asics Gel Rocket 9. It offers both high-performance and well-rounded support for multi-purpose players like setters.

Best Volleyball Shoes for Liberos: Players in this position are more worried about flexibility and shoes that make them feel fast on their feet. Low and backward movements combined with lateral movements require lightweight design, traction, impact absorption, and durability.


Traction is an essential function of volleyball shoes as it’s a game of movements. For indoor shoes, most players prefer gum rubber outsole for better traction on the hardwood. Good volleyball shoes should grip the court surface, allowing for cutting and pivoting. You’ll typically find this in shoe brands like Asics and Mizuno that specialize in volleyball shoes.


Volleyball shoes should improve movement for every position. With a lightweight shoe, you’ll have the freedom of movement needed to run faster pr jump higher. Besides, due to the constant jumping required by the game when setting, attacking, or defending, you want shoes that are light in weight. Not only will lightweight shoes keep you comfortable, but you will also reduce fatigue.


The intense nature of volleyball demands all-around comfort. When you’re landing, you should provide enough cushioning and shock absorption. Comfortable shoes let you avoid injuries while reducing fatigue.  Different brands use cushioning tech to offer the best comfort to wearers. Some brands use the EVA midsole cushioning, while other models like the Asics Netburner Ballistic FF 2 feature cushioning technology like FlyteFoam for more bounce and responsiveness.


Due to the direction changes and lots of abrupt movements required by volleyball, ensure your shoe can provide plenty of lateral stability. Most importantly, there should be ample ankle support to prevent your feet from moving around in the shoe.

Good Fit

Look out for factors like a proper fit. Your shoes should have a snug fit without being too tight. You should have enough room to wiggle your toes. The heel can move around a little, but there should be no slipping.


Is ASICS Good for Volleyball?

Volleyball shoes should provide plenty of cushioning to minimize pain and fatigue and keep you comfy throughout the game. Asics volleyball shoes feature GEL technology to deliver durable and stable cushioning for professional players and hobbyists. The brand has been in the sports industry for a while and still maintains its reputation as a reliable and excellent choice for volleyball players.

2. Is Haikyuu sponsored by Asics?

Many of Haikyuu’s volleyball players’ shoes are similar to Asics’ design. For instance, all of Karasunovolleyball ball shoes are Asics. The ICS logo is also found on kneepads and uniforms. However, Asics is not the only sponsor. Other sports brands like Muzino also have their logo on some of the clothing and gear.

3. What Shoes Does KenmaWear?

The logo on Kenma’s shoes is similar to Asics’.

4. Can Running Shoes Be Used for Volleyball?

Running shoes are designed for forwarding movements. In contrast, volleyball players have a lot of forwarding, backward and lateral movements. A volleyball player also makes quick sharp motions and several jumps during a game. As such, volleyball shoes focus on lightweight cushioning, support, and traction, helping to prevent injuries and creating better jumps. Besides, shoes not designed for volleyball tend to break down quickly due to the impact of landing during jumps.


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