7 Best Adidas® Non-Slip(slip-resistant) Work Shoes 2022 (Tried&Tested)

If your profession requires spending long hours on your feet, slip-resistant shoes are necessary. According to Consumer Notice, trip slips and falls are the second most common type of non-fatal workplace injury.

adidas non slip work shoes

Medical professionals and food industry service workers especially need slip-resistant shoes to support the natural curves of the feet instead of flat shoes like flip-flops. Non-slip shoes not only prevent injuries but can also keep you comfortable during long shifts. They’re also useful for hiking, running, and as everyday shoes.

One of the top makers of shoes, Adidas has some best quality slip-resistant shoes. Adidas has designed some of the best slip-resistant shoes with the most advanced tread technology and premium continental rubber outsole.

That said; let’s explore the best Adidas non-slip shoes and what to look for in professional non-slip shoes.

Features of Good Adidas Non-Slip Shoes

Here are some things to consider when shopping for non-slip Adidas shoes:

  • Outsole

Adidas slip-resistant shoes like the Ultraboost models use a non-slip Continental rubber outsole. This sole has gained a lot of popularity for its ability to grip the ground, preventing wearers from falling or slipping on wet, slick, or oily surfaces. Adidas outdoor models like the Terrex feature the Continental rubber sole for better traction or grip. This feature also makes another popular non-slip series, Adidas Ultraboost, ideal for nurses, doctors, and restaurant workers.

  • Arch Support

Arches support your body weight and protect the arches of your feet from the everyday impact of walking on surfaces. They are also essential in helping you propel forward when running or walking. Adidas uses a TORSION SYSTEM to stabilize the foot to alleviate arch strain. This technology provides lightweight arch support while letting you move naturally and adjust to uneven ground. 

  • Tread Pattern

A perfect combination of sturdy rubber sole and the right tread pattern makes up the anatomy of a slip-resistant shoe. Hexagon tread patterns tend to provide the best grip, ensuring you get the most reliable grip on almost every surface you walk. The outsole will eject liquids, water, oil, or other liquids. Other common tread patterns include circles or little squiggles. Like hexagons, these tread patterns help you grip the floor. 

  • Supportive Midsole

The midsole is an essential part of any footwear, giving the shoe a greater degree of cushioning, support, and flexibility. Adidas has refined midsole technology with its various cushioning like Cloudfoam, Bounce, and Boost. Boost is the preferred cushioning for athletes due to its responsiveness. Adidas also uses lightweight EVA for lightweight comfort in some of its outdoor shoes.

  • Padded Collar

Also known as the heel cuff, the heel collar surrounds your ankle at the top of the shoe, keeping the shoe in place. This part of your shoe is typically thicker than the rest of the upper. It may have extra padding for extra comfort. I recommend a collar made of soft material, like memory foam, without any stitching or seams that irritate your skin.

Adidas different non-slip work shoe Highlights

Some Adidas models provide exceptional grip and slip resistance. I recommend the following for maximum grip on various types of surfaces:

  • Terrex

Adidas Terrex series shoes have become a hit among outdoor fans. The series make use grippy rubber outsole to enhance the friction and grip on both wet and dry surfaces. This serious has great tread with a thick continental rubber outsole to give you excellent grip in all conditions of floors. The Terrex also features Torsion anti-twisting system in the outsole to match the natural twisting of both feet to avoid sports injuries. For the upper, Adidas uses Gore-Tex reinforced waterproof material for comfort and breathability.

  • Ultraboost

The Adidas Ultraboost Also has a high-quality continental rubber outsole for great grip and traction. The Ultraboost is more popular as a lifestyle shoe than for running. But its stylish design doesn’t stop it from being comfortable, durable running shoes. The Ultraboost gained popularity as Adidas’s bounciest shoe yet on its launch. It features the famous Boost foam with a more advanced cushioning system and a flexible, grippy Continental rubber outsole.

  • Kaptir

The Kaptir is one of Adidas’ models that boast the brand’s Cloudfoam for lightweight cushioning and responsiveness stride. It has a synthetic rubber outsole for good grip. Featuring a sport-inspired Kaptir that has a modern and casual style. These sneakers are suitable for everyone and everyday activities. The unique silhouette, attractive colorways, and striking design allow you to move in style. It pairs perfectly with workout attire and date night get-up. It’s popular with street styles like joggers, slacks, jeans, and shorts.

  • Lite Racer

Adidas offers the Lite Racer series under their running and lifestyle collection. The Lite Racer is the deal if you’re after a shoe with excellent arch support inspired by running. The rubber outsole provides perfect grip and traction for any surface. These budget-friendly sneakers offer a low-top silhouette with Cloudfoam technology in the midsole and sockliner. You get a combination of comfort and style with a well-rounded performance. Adidas Lite Racer series is no doubt a smart choice for daily use.

  • Adipower 4orged Shoes

The Adiwear features extremely non-marking durable rubber for a maximum balance of traction, flexibility, and durability. The spikes on the sole give excellent traction to be slip-resistant on any kind of surface. In linear sports such as golf or running, Adiwear reduces wear in the toe-off and heel landing area. The Adiwear Adipower 4orged shoes repel moisture as you play through the wet environments. It offers a comprehensive fit and responsive cushioning to return energy through your golf rounds.

  • Cloudfoam

Adidas Cloudfoam features soft and comfy materials for everyday work or casual shoes. They are especially great for nurses or other professionals who spend much time on their feet.

Adidas Cloudfoam midsole provides cushioned comfort and arch support for that walking in the cloud feel all day. Adidas shoes with Cloufoam provide soft midsole cushioning provide a comfortable stride as you run errands or head for coffee. 

7 Best Adidas Non-Slip Shoes Review

Here’s a list and reviews of the best Adidas Non-slip: 

1. Adidas Terrex Swift R2 GTX

Adidas Terrex Swift R2 GTX slip-resistant shoe

Though Adidas Terrex Swift is an outdoor shoe that is very suitable for outdoor adventure and hiking, this is also a great slip-resistant shoe. So you can use it in your workplace where there is a slippery floor. The Traxion Continental rubber on the outsole makes great traction and grip. You can use it in any kind of condition and floor. It will not lose its traction whether it is a wet floor or dry floor. The continental rubber with advanced tread combination makes it super grippy and traction for any kind of workplace.

Also, a major aspect of concern when going on long hikes is keeping your feet comfy with a durable, reliable shoe. Featuring a stable 10mm drop platform with a solid board-lasted midsole and full coverage outsoles, the Swift R2 is a burly, sturdy, and rugged trail shoe.

Hiking shoes are getting lighter, and the Terrex Swift has followed that trend. However, despite its lightweight feel, it still weighs a respectable 14.4oz (408g). The top-notch lacing system combines thick strapping and a heel cup to prevent the heel slip even on uneven ground.

Featuring a Continental outsole, the Terrex Swift works well on most terrains I walked, from dry dirt to wet stone. In terms of waterproofing, Adidas Fore Tex ensures your feet come out dry even when the shoe is completely submerged in water. It features what Adidas calls Gore-Tex lining, which keeps the feet free from dampness. For lightweight cushioning, these hiking shoes come with an EVA midsole.

The solid ripstop upper of the Terrex Swift is quite stiff and seems resistant to cuts and scathes. However, the ripstop mesh upper is also a drawback of these sneakers. They’re a bit stiff. So, while you get all the protection, tearproof, and waterproof you need in a hiking shoe, these shoes can’t bend, and that could affect stability.

Another downside of the Terrex Swift R2 is the minimal ankle and arch support. However, there’s a mid-cut version with a bit more weight — the Terrex Swift R2 Mid GTX. 

Despite a couple of flaws of this sneaker, the Terrex Swift R2 is lightweight, offers great traction, and the lockdown is impressive. And the amazing heel cup, your backpacking trips promise adventure without any worries about your shoes having a good grip.

2. Adidas Terrex Ax3 Hiking Shoes

Adidas Terrex Ax3 Hiking non-slip Shoes

This is another great non-slip outdoor hiking shoe from Adidas. Again the continental rubber and extreme tread make the perfect combination for superior grip and traction for any condition and any kind of surface. You can feel the grip once you wear it. No matter, rock, snow, tile, dry or wet floor, it will give you very secure and reliable traction and grip so that you can do any kind of fast work.

We found Adidas Terrex Ax3, and we’re pretty impressed by its comfort, durability, and affordability. It’s rare for hiking shoes to combine all three. With a breathable upper, durable and grippy outsole, and lightweight upper, the Terrex Ax3 offers the speed you need to tackle rugged terrains.

An aspect that has made these hiking shoes a favorite of outdoorsy folks is durability. Even after putting miles and miles into them, they show no signs of wear. The durable and hard-wearing construction keeps your feet fresh over long miles on hot days, and the sole seems to be long-lasting and grippy at the same time.

The material on the outside has a pretty nice feel– rugged but still feels like a sneaker.

Adidas Continental rubber on the outsole stands up to use in wet and dry environments. The deep lugs and durable compound make it one of the best low hiking shoes.

These shoes are lightweight, and perfect for those looking to have less foot fatigue. The combination of synthetic and mesh upper didn’t take long to break in. However, it needs a few days to soften up.

This Terrex Ax3 is most suitable for narrower feet looking for a stable grip and breathable upper. It makes for a comfy and off-trail. These hiking shoes feature the Adidas Torsion bar for midfoot stability on uneven grounds, and the breathable upper resists abrasions while keeping your feet ventilated.

Overall, the AX3 is sturdy and durable, extremely comfy, and the grip is top-notch. And with its pocket-friendly price tag, it’s a worthy competitor to others in its category, such as the Terrex Swift R2.

Here’s what a user has to say:

“I live all day in these shoes on rugged terrains. They’re super comfortable. “

 We noticed the following drawbacks with these Terrex Ax3 hiking shoes:

  • These shoes don’t have much arch support.
  • The toe box is a bit narrow.
  • The lacing system could be improved.
  • The Terrex Ax3 needs a breaking-in period.

3. Adidas Ultraboost DNA 4.0

Adidas Ultraboost DNA 4.0 non slip shoes

Since Adidas debuted the Ultraboost in 2015, it has become the go-to running shoe with its soft knit upper and Boost midsole. If you want the performance of Ultraboost with a bit of flair and fashion, DNA 4.0 is super stylish and sleek.

Though Adidas Ultraboost is a running shoe, they are also a very good option for slip-resistant work shoes. It is lightweight, very comfortable, and super grippy as work shoes. It has continental rubber as the outsole to give you the best traction on any kind of floor.

The 4.0 DNA doesn’t disappoint in terms of cushioning. Athletes admire the soft and bouncy feel of the Boost midsole, which according to some users, “felt like floating on the clouds”. This shoe has shown outstanding performance when used for everyday training, casual walking, and training.

The Primeknit upper delivers the right amount of stretch to conform to your foot shape. These sneakers are super flexible. Besides, the breathable upper keeps your feet dry for an irritability-free performance.

Another thing we like about the Ultraboost 4.0 DNA is its versatility. Besides being a great runner, it’s stylish and super comfy for casual wear. Whether for casual runs, walking, gym workout, everyday casual sneakers, or work shoes, you’re good to go.

Here’s what a user has to say:

“I wear them at work 12 hours daily on concrete floors. They’re the most comfortable shoes I’ve had.”

No complaints regarding the traction of the 4.0 sneakers. The Continental rubber outsole is grippy on roads and surfaces while providing durability.

Overall, the Ultraboost 4.0 DNA combines comfort with performance in a sleek, stylish silhouette. We’re impressed by the smooth upper and the responsive cushioning that efficiently returns energy with each stride. But these shoes are not for wide feet. Many wide-footed runners have complained that this footwear “felt too tight” and “it’s not easy to put on”. Also, it has a great reputation as a non-slip shoe.

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4. Adidas Adipower 4orged Shoes

Adidas Adipower 4orged slip resistant Shoes

The Adidas Adipower 4orged Shoes are specially designed for golf players. Additionally, it is one of the best slip-resistant shoes Adidas ever produced. This shoe has extreme traction with the spikes in the outsole. it has an amazing grip and traction on any surface that makes it perfect for any slippery floor.

A real user mentions”The spikes on the sole of the shoe are effective and ensured that there was no loss of grip at any point.”

No doubt, the most important thing you need in golf shoes are grip, comfort, stability, and maximum range of motion. According to WebMD, golf shoes should provide more stability as you walk in and out of sand traps and walk from hole to hole. The best golf shoes are those that make it safer for you to walk on the golf course. It would help if you also had a good fit, so you’re not slipping around. In terms of tech specs, Adidas has featured the Boost technology in the 4orged.

When it comes to these shoes, the more energy you give, the more you get. The cushioning is super responsive as golfers put more power into the shoe throughout the swing. In terms of breathability and waterproofing, the Adipower 4orged

A good thing going for these shoes is the Climastorm technology used in its upper. The 4orged has a breathable yet water-repellent outer, perfect for plodding around a slightly wet course.

I love the clean, sharp look of the Adiwear 4orged. No matter the colorway you choose, the design is versatile and pairs well with various golfing outfits. The Boost technology also gives it that striking “Adidas” look. You get a simple but traditional look.

The performance of the 4orged is on par with top golf shoes. The boost technology provides a spongy feel and extraordinary responsiveness on the heel when you’re loading into a shot or walking holes. 

Here’s what a user has to say:

“Golf shoes with fantastic support and keep you in balance for a great golf shot. It’s supportive, comfortable, and functional with great grip.”

The spikes on the outsole effectively ensure they’re grippy at all times. However, the spikes tend to leave marks on the soft greens. Another drawback of the 4orged is that dirt tends to get stuck in the outsoles and it requires a bit of effort to clean.

The Adipower delivers in terms of support and comfort. I only wished the hard-to-clean exterior doesn’t reduce the visuals after you wear it in harsh conditions. It, however, makes up for these drawbacks in terms of the striking and appealing design, a low-to-the-ground court feel, and excellent grip. If you plan on playing in these shoes during the winter, you might want to reconsider. The 4orged is more suited for autumn and spring golf due to the exterior of the heel which is hard to clean. These shoes are not made for soft, muddy conditions.

5. Adidas Kaptir Running Shoe

Adidas Kaptir Running non-slip Shoe

Adidas Kaptir is also a pair of running shoes but it also provides great traction and grip with comfort to be a perfect non-slip work shoe. These shoes are very lightweight and the outsole is designed in a way to give you maximum grip on any kind of surface.

Running can be about style as much as comfort. And that’s what Adidas is offering with the Kaptir 2.0. These running-inspired shoes feature sculped Cloudfoam midsole for plush comfort. The knit upper and the Adidas logo add a sporty vibe to these easy slip-on shoes.

An aspect that has earned buyers praises is its incredible support and sturdiness. It’s not as flimsy as other running shoes like the Adidas Light Racers. You get more secure footing and stability. These shoes come in a no-tongue design. Instead, you get the one-piece construction. But we’d have to agree that it looks pretty cool.

The Kaptir is perfect for not-so-demanding cardio activities, casual wear, and lighter training. However, Cloudfoam is just not the best for marathons or long miles of running. It’s best to go for something proper for running, such as the Adidas Ultraboost with the Boost midsole. The fact that you don’t have to lace everything is perfect. You just slip on the Kaptir, and you can go on with your intended activities.

Overall, the fit feels extremely snug and feels soft. And there is enough wiggle-toe room on the inside.

Here’s what a user said about the Kaptir 2.0:

“It feels cozy enough to wear for an 8hr work shift,”

With only 242 grams, these sneakers are perfectly lightweight. I find the Adidas Kaptir comfortable, trendy, fancy, and a kind of urban style.

In terms of drawbacks, they don’t have much support and cushioning needed for long runs. But we love that sleek style and feel of Adidas authentic casual wear.

I am impressed by the slipper-like comfort, versatility, lightweight design, and sleek style of the Kaptir 2.0. These easy slip-on shoes save time on lacing and feel extremely soft and snug.

6. Adidas Cloudfoam Pure Race Running Shoes

Adidas Cloudfoam Pure Race slip resistant Running Shoes

Adidas Cloudfoam is very popular among nurses due to its comfort, lightweight, and grip. Along with the super comfort of Coludfoam technology, it slip-resistant rubber sole to give you maximum grip in places like hospitals and schools.

Adidas Cloudfoam Pure models are for those looking to cushion their feet as they go through rigorous daily activities. These sneakers take comfort to a whole new level with their iconic midsoles, sock-like build, easy-going cozy feel, and breathable uppers. This Adidas Race is one of the softest shoes that we’ve tested. If you’re on your feet all day, these sneakers offer the cushioned insole, breathable fabric, and flexibility you need. 

It’s no surprise the Race running shoe is a top-selling Adidas casual sneaker. These women’s running shoes come with Cloudfoam midsole and outsole for that feet-in-the-clouds feel and plenty of support. Surprisingly, it feels lighter than air. Whether you’re heading to work, going for a casual walk, or running errands, the Race running shoe offers a plush, airy feel, perfect for an everyday shoe.

Here’s what a buyer has to say about the Cloudfoam Pure cushioning of these sneakers:

“They are super comfortable that you feel like walking on a cloud.”

One thing we love about these shoes is that instead of looking bulky, they’re narrow and slim on the feet. Besides, they’re so flexible that these sneakers bend with you when you move. Also, the cushioned insoles absorb pressure, so you won’t have trouble walking around all day.

However, despite these shoes being lightweight and well-cushioned for running, they are not high-volume running shoes. And that’s the major drawback of the Adidas Race Cloudfoam Pure. These sneakers are cute and stylish if you need an everyday comfy shoe for errands but definitely not for fitness walking or professional running. Suppose you want the sort of professional cushioning, thickness, and proper structure of modern running shoes. In that case, we recommend the Adidas Ultraboost series.

In short, Adidas Race Cloudfoam Pure is perfect for everyday walking shoes or fashion sneakers. It’s super comfy, true-to-size, easy to wear and pull off, and extremely lightweight.  

7. Adidas Lite Racer Adapt

Adidas Lite Racer Adapt non slip work shoes

Adidas Lite Racer is another great quality running shoe with a 100% continental rubber outsole. They are very lightweight. The slip-on design is very useful for the workplace and fast movement. The tread in the outsole gives proper traction and grip for any kind of surface.

Adidas Lite Racer models are popular for a running-inspired look, but they are not professional shoes. They’re lightweight, well-cushioned sneakers for school, work, or any errands you want to run. The Lite Racer is a best-selling Adidas casual shoe for a good reason. Users have commended the comfort and stylish design, and lightweight design. What’s more, your foot can easily slip into it, and it’s budget-friendly.

These versatile street shoes can pair perfectly with your favorite denim or casuals. The Lite Racer Adapt is the epitome of Adidas casual. Step into a pair and immediately feel that soft and comfortable cushioning effect. Yet, they’re featherlight and run large, unlike other Adidas shoes on this list.

As its name implies, the Lite 4.0 is extremely lightweight and sits on top of a lightweight absorbing foam midsole and textured synthetic outsole to keep you stable.

Here’s what a user said about Lite 4.0:

“They never slipped when I hiked through metro parks.”

The large band with the Adidas logo stretches across the foot, enhancing lockdown. The tongue and collar are a single piece for a sock-like feel. With padding on the tongue and the collar, you get added comfort.

These shoes also have a pull tab at the heel for easy wear. For maximum step-in comfort, there’s a soft, quick-drying textile lining and a cushioned footbed to keep you comfortable with each step. These shoes work well with lightweight absorbing foam on the midsole.

In terms of drawbacks, folks with wide feet might find these too tight in the beginning. But they do stretch after a few days of use.

In sum, Adidas Lite is a smart choice for daily use, taking you wherever you want to go in style and comfort. It offers much in design and value, but not so much in terms of performance. The Lite Racers are not for technical running, but it’s great as everyday work shoes.


  • How do non-slip shoes work?

Proper non-slip shoes typically feature durable, anti-skid soles and patterned tread for friction on slippery, wet, or slippery floors. Protective footwear is essential for preventing debilitating injuries like strains, sprains, torn muscles, and fractures.

  • Does Adidas make non-slip shoes?

Adidas employs effective technology like the durable Continental rubber in their shoe soles provides great traction and slip-resistance.

  • Are Adidas Ultraboost non-slip shoes?

Yes. The Ultraboost features a Continental rubber outsole to provide excellent traction even in wet conditions.


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