About Us

HI myself Janice,

Janice T. Strauss

The founder and writer of thestyleboss. I am a podiatrist. I live in Texas and working with an NGO for the last 7 years. During this period I have seen the pain of people with problem feet and how they suffer from footwear for the problem feet. I can’t help all the people in the world personally. That is why I decided to start this blog to help people all over the globe with their foot and footwear problems. So that I can reach people all over the world and help them with their feet problems.

In this blog, I cover different types of feet problems and recommend footwear for those problems. I explain what type of footwear is ideal for each particular problem. I explain the advantages and disadvantages of each footwear. I share different knowledge and resources regarding various foot problems and footwear. I also review sports footwear and explain its pros and cons. Hopefully, you will find your solution in this blog. If you want to contact with me regarding any problem please contact.

I am the founder and writer of this blog. I have an editor who edits and moderates this blog.